this CD is the shit, plain and simple. this CD's first and second pressings were done on Probe Records, now Smart Ass Records has taken over on the third. buy this CD! what else can I say? if you don't have this CD, you need to get with the program. okay, i know what you're thinking. i'm just saying this 'cause i want to clear up some room in my basement closet, right? no, well, that would be nice, don't get me wrong, but i'm not just saying that. Your Mother has been been terrorizing California and the World with their East Bay Geekcore dubbed music in the tradition of Weird Al meets punk rock. how could you go wrong? if you're looking for some catchy, fast tunes, this is the CD to get! okay, have i sold you yet? no? well, check out the samples.
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Your Mother - Not-So-Funny, Kinda Boring, Corny

Your Mother - Toddles

Your Mother - Newer Testament